Proposed flag of Utah 2


I previously made a proposed flag of Utah in 2009 but I wanted to revisit this with my new skills. This new design was created in early 2021 with consultation with NAVA members as part of their Design Gauntlet. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback!

The current design

Current flag of Utah

The current flag scored a 3.47/10.00 in NAVA’s North American flag survey, which makes it the fifteenth worst flag in North America. In 2019, the Utah House voted to solicit potential flag designs to replace the current flag.

My proposal

Proposed flag of Utah

First off, this design is simple enough to be remembered by a child, yet distinctive enough to be identified at a distance.

This design incorporates the blue field from the current Utah flag and a stylised beehive. The beehive is an established symbol of Utah’s togetherness and industry, featuring on the current Utah flag, the old Utah Territory flag, the official state emblem, the state highway marker and the unofficial state nickname (“The Beehive State”).

In the canton is the sego lily, the state flower, which is also featured on the flag of Salt Lake City. Inside is a five-pointed star representing Utah’s status as a U.S. state and also the five Native American tribes inhabiting Utah before colonisation.

In terms of colours, the blue represents the wide sky, the white represents salt and the gold represents the warm sun. The colours are all present on the current flag, so any further symbolism they have can be carried over as well.

Vector files available on request.

Mock-ups of the proposed flag of Utah
Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Utah

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