Proposed flag of the United Kingdom


Part of my 2009 flag proposal series. SVG files of the flag and its construction sheet are available on request.

At first, I did not re-upload this design from the old site, since I only wanted to present the most popular designs and this one did not have much support. Many years later, I received a sudden personal request to upload this one again. I was hesitant until I realised that this person remembered this exact design and its author even though it had not been online or accessible for over five years! That had to mean something.

Note: My choice of design does not reflect my political views.

The current design


Constituent crosses of the flag of the United Kingdom. Diagram courtesy of Wikipedia.

The current flag of the United Kingdom includes St. George’s Cross for England, St. Andrew’s Cross for Scotland and St. Patrick’s Cross for Northern Ireland, but it has no representation for Wales, the remaining “Home Country”.

There have been previous proposals to include Wales on the Union Flag. However, they look quite horrible to me, especially the ones that try to incorporate too much, or that really stretch to force the constituent designs together. Therefore, here is my proposal.

My proposal


Flag proposal for the United Kingdom I made in 2009.

First off, this design is unique enough to be distinguishable, yet simple enough to be remembered by a child.


Saint David’s Cross, a symbol of Wales.

The current flag is a combination of several cross flags, each representing a “Home Country”. I have continued this tradition by using Saint David’s Cross, rather than the official Welsh flag (the one with the dragon), so the basic pattern is still the same. Apart from representing Wales, there are other adjustments:

  • Saint Andrew’s Cross (representing Scotland) is now on a sky shade of blue (the traditional one).
  • Northern Ireland and Scotland are now equal.
  • The flag is now shorter for aesthetic reasons.

Nevertheless, the orthogonal crosses are still on top of the diagonal ones, for the sake of recognition.

Construction details


Construction sheet of the proposed flag of the United Kingdom

(The St. David’s Cross is objectively thicker than the St. George’s Cross, but perceptually they feel the same size, which is interesting)

2 thoughts on “Proposed flag of the United Kingdom

  1. There’s something about the length of the current Union flag that I love, but I can see why you shortened it. St David’s Cross’s addition seems sensible, given the current omission of that country from the Union flag. Would you propose amending the Australian, New Zealand and other flags to incorporate this in the canton? (Personally I think not).
    Have you considered making a version omitting Scotland if, as seems plausible, Brexit causes a future break in the relationship?
    Final thought, should Ireland be removed, given that Northern Ireland uses the St George cross, and Eire has been independent for nearly 100 years?

    1. Hi, Gavin.
      I have separate flag proposals for New Zealand (which you can find on my site under the flag category) and Australia (which I have not posted yet).
      I plan to amend this page with some more UK and Ireland ideas for various contingencies like Scotland leaving.

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