Personal website of Brian Cham:

Vexillologist (flag expert; finalist for flag of Long Beach, California, finalist for flag of Reno, Nevada, designed flags for fictional nations in NeuroSpasta RPG; Earth flag featured in newsletter of NAVA (largest flag organisation in the world); NAVA member)

Cryptographer (code breaker)

Software developer

Cinephile (film enthusiast)



Minerva mysteries

Voynich Manuscript

Recently on the Voynich Manuscript mailing list there has been a kerfuffle over a supposed Athanasius Kircher booklet find in Minerva Auctions’ catalogue. You can find the details summarised here in Ellie Velinska’s blog (don’t worry, the April Fools’ joke at the bottom is on her part, not Minerva’s). I’ll continue with¬†what I’ve dug up.