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I am a:

  • Vexillologist (flag expert). I am a member of NAVA, the largest flag organisation in the world. I am a finalist for the flag of Long Beach, California, I was a finalist for the flag of Reno, Nevada, and I was commissioned to design the flags for the fictional nations in the NeuroSpasta RPG. I love how flags can symbolise so much meaning and bring people together. I design flags for places that have controversies or are in need of a redesign that can elegantly and truly express a community’s spirit. Feel free to browse and share my designs or see my NAVA profile!
  • Cryptographer (code breaker). I love solving puzzles, analysing patterns and breaking secret codes. Previously I made apps to teach cryptography and steganography to students in a fun way, used as a teaching tool in the university and museum. Now I analyse the Voynich Manuscript, a centuries-old book written in unique symbols that nobody can understand. The world’s top experts have failed to make sense of it. Is it a secret code? A lost language? A sophisticated hoax? I aim to help find out! Feel free to read my Voynich Manuscript articles or see my Voynich Ninja profile!
  • Software developer. I have a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Auckland and by trade I am a full-stack developer. I have mostly experience in innovative web and cloud applications but I always like to learn now things and explore new areas. Previously, I worked at the multi-national company Vista Entertainment Solutions that makes the software that runs most of the world’s cinemas. My most recent success was developing part of Living Ticket, a worldwide cloud service that delivers digital contactless movie tickets to millions of cinema-goers every day. Feel free to see my software projects or see my LinkedIn profile!
  • Cinephile (film geek). I have a degree in Film, Television and Media Studies from the University of Auckland, where I studied a variety of media forms and won three First in Course Awards. Back in high school, I got first in Media Studies 301 and the Best Director award for my short film. I was also a finalist in an international film competition run by the United Nations, one of my proudest achievements. Feel free to see my short films or see my IMDb profile!
  • Bookworm. I love learning new things and exploring new ideas. Recently I committed to reading a hundred books each year. I aim for a variety of time periods, cultures and subject matters. Feel free to see my GoodReads profile!
  • Designer. I used to do a bit of freelance graphic design on the side. Feel free to browse my designs!


Minerva mysteries

Voynich Manuscript

Recently on the Voynich Manuscript mailing list there has been a kerfuffle over a supposed Athanasius Kircher booklet find in Minerva Auctions’ catalogue. You can find the details summarised here in Ellie Velinska’s blog (don’t worry, the April Fools’ joke at the bottom is on her part, not Minerva’s). I’ll continue with¬†what I’ve dug up.