Proposed flag of Taiwan / 台灣擬議國旗


The current situation / 目前的情況

Flag of the Republic of China

Flag of the Republic of China / 中華民國國旗

Flag of the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party)

Flag of the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) / 國民黨的旗幟

The current flag of Taiwan is a historical relic inherited from the Republic of China, which ruled mainland China over seventy years ago. Now it is confined to the island of Taiwan and the country is simply known as Taiwan to everybody. Moreover, it is based on the flag of a single political party, the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party). This may have made sense when Taiwan was a one-party state, but not when Taiwan is now a multi-party democracy in which the Kuomintang is just one of many political parties.

台灣目前的國旗是從中華民國繼承的歷史文物,中華民國統治了七十多年前。 現在它被限制在台灣島上,這個國家被大家簡單地稱為台灣。 而且,它是基於單一政黨國民黨(中國國民黨)的旗幟。 當台灣是一個一黨制國家時,這可能是有道理的,但是當台灣現在是一個國民黨只是許多政黨之一的多黨制民主制時,這是沒有道理的

In recent years, Taiwan has shifted towards a strong, local, independent identity, especially the younger generations. For example, a poll by National Chengchi University shows that the majority of the population now identify as “Taiwanese” rather than “Chinese”, and this is constantly rising. Also, in July 2020, the Taiwanese passport was officially redesigned to emphasise the name “Taiwan” instead of “Republic of China”. There have been many such changes from the 2000s onwards.

近年來,台灣已朝著強大的,本地的,獨立的身份轉變,尤其是年輕一代。 例如,國立政治大學的一項民意測驗顯示,現在大多數人口都是“台灣人”而不是“中國人”,而且這一比例還在不斷上升。 此外,2020年7月,台灣護照正式進行了重新設計,以強調“台灣”而不是“中華民國”的名稱。 從2000年代開始,發生了許多這樣的變化。

In light of these developments and more, some have called for a flag for the island of Taiwan itself and some have even proposed designs. However, those designs have significant flaws and none are popular. Therefore, here is my proposal.

鑑於這些事態發展以及更多事態發展,有些人呼籲為台灣島本身設置旗幟,有些人甚至提出了設計方案。 但是,這些設計存在重大缺陷,而且沒有一個受歡迎。因此,這是我的建議。

Note: My choice of designs do not necessarily reflect my political opinions.


My proposal / 我的提案

Proposed flag of Taiwan / 台灣擬議國旗

First off, this design is simple enough to be remembered by a child, yet distinctive enough to be identified at a distance.


The central emblem is based on symbolism that arose from Taiwan itself, rather than from outside. It is derived from the angular lozenge art motif ubiquitous to Taiwanese Aboriginal art styles, especially on woodwork and textiles. This acknowledges the unique cultural heritage and local identity of Taiwan.

中央標誌基於台灣本身而非外部產生的象徵意義。 它源自台灣原住民藝術風格(尤其是木製品和紡織品)常見的有角幾何圖案。 這承認了台灣獨特的文化遺產和地方特色。

Overall, the lozenge recalls a gemstone, representing the economic, cultural and environmental wealth of Taiwan, as well as its former name “Formosa” which means “beautiful”.


It is also a stylised representation of the whole island itself. The white field represents the Pacific Ocean. The red on the exterior represents the Han Chinese settled on the urban coast. The green in the interior represents the Aboriginal Taiwanese settled in the mountainous interior.

它也是整個島嶼本身的風格化代表。 白色區域代表太平洋。 外部的紅色代表定居在城市海岸的漢族,內部的綠色代表定居在山區內部的台灣原住民。

The four sides of the lozenge represent the four historical eras of Taiwan: Aboriginal settlement, European colonialism (Spain and the Netherlands), Asian colonialism (Japan and China) and modern times.


This design is designed to be minimalist and fit with the flags in its neighbourhood, since the flags of South Korea and Japan also consist of a central emblem on a white field.


Green represents the lush environment, local identity and mountains. White represents peace, democracy and the sea. Red represents energy, history and the coast. Traditionally, green represents east and red represents south, which is fitting as Taiwan is to the south east of mainland China.

綠色代表鬱鬱蔥蔥的環境,當地特色和群山。 白色代表和平,民主與海洋。 紅色代表能源,歷史和海岸。 傳統上,綠色代表東方,紅色代表南方,這與台灣在中國大陸的東南部非常合適。

Thanks to my cultural advisor and fact checker Jerry L. Thanks also to Tomislav Todorović for information on traditional Chinese colour associations.

感謝我的文化顧問和事實檢查員Jerry L.也感謝TomislavTodorović提供了有關中國傳統色彩協會的信息。對於任何誤譯,我們深表歉意。

Vector files available on request.


Mock-ups of the proposed flag of Taiwan / 台灣擬議國旗的模型
Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Taiwan / 台灣擬議國旗的尺寸

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