Proposed flag of Louisiana


Part of my 2009 flag proposal series. SVG files of the flag and its construction sheet are available on request.

This particular flag was rated the best of my proposals 🙂

Note: My choice of design does not reflect my political views.

The current design

Current flag of Louisiana

The current flag scored a 4.98/10.00 in NAVA’s North American flag survey. Not the worst, but could be improved for sure, and I had a great idea I couldn’t wait to try out.

My proposal

Flag proposal of Louisiana I made in 2009.

Flag proposal of Louisiana I made in 2009.

First off, this design is unique enough to be distinguishable, yet simple enough to be remembered by a child.

The background layout of this design echoes one of the most recognisable flags in the world, that of France. Indeed, Louisiana was colony of the French Empire and its French legacy and influence is still visible today. However, instead of a stripe, the white divison is a fleur-de-lis, another reminder of French historical connections, but from the royal era. As an old French symbol, it featured on many early flags that flew in that region. It is also significant in modern times. For example, it was frequently used as a reminder in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and was made an official state symbol in 2008.
The star in the top left corner, in conjunction with the blue, reinforces Louisiana’s status as a U.S. state. It does this by echoing the pattern in the top left corner of the national flag, where each white star on blue represents a state. In fact, the shade of blue is the same as the one on the national flag.

The blue stands for the sky and sea. The white stands for the coastline and peace. The red stands for the blood that we all share and that has been shed in the past. The colours are all present on the current flag, so any further symbolism they have can be carried over as well. Additionally, blue and white are official state colours.

Construction details


Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Louisiana

Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Louisiana