Voynich resources

Your one-stop shop for Brian Cham’s centralised, quality-checked, convenient Voynich resources! All are available to download, share and use for free, so you can still use them on the go or if this site goes offline like many Voynich sites unfortunately do…

Got any questions, suggestions or feedback? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll be sure to read it 🙂

Sample packs

Want to statistically compare the Voynich manuscript to other text systems but don’t want to spend hours scouting for good samples? Don’t know what’s good to choose? Look no further, I’ve got it covered in these handy sample packs.

Each pack is a ZIP archive containing TXT files. The first file in each archive contains detailed information about the contents.

  • [N] Natural language sample pack v1.0.zip (7.4 MB, last updated March 2015)
    • Contains 52 samples of natural language text.
    • Language selection covers all major regions of the world, time periods and families – not just Europe!
    • Includes the classic suggestions (e.g. Latin, Occitan, German, etc.), languages proposed in previous studies, hard-to-find old and rare languages, and more.
    • Has a range of writing systems, styles and content too.
  • More coming soon!

Coming soon

  • More sample packs
  • eBooks
  • Python code. Maybe Java too?
  • New transcription with XML semantics?
  • Feel free to suggest other public resources!


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