Proposed flag of New Hampshire


Part of my 2009 flag proposal series. SVG files of the flag and its construction sheet are available on request.

Note: My choice of design does not reflect my political views.

The current design

Current flag of New Hampshire

The current flag scored a 3.18/10.00 in NAVA’s North American flag survey, which makes it the 10th worst rated.

My proposal

Flag proposal of New Hampshire I made in 2009.

Flag proposal of New Hampshire I made in 2009.

First off, this design is unique enough to be distinguishable, yet simple enough to be remembered by a child.

Inspired by the state quarter, the overall scene depicts the “Old Man of the Mountain”, a well known symbol of New Hampshire, against the sky, which is in the same shade as the blue on the national flag. On the sky is a circle of nine stars in an arrangement echoing the historic Betsy Ross flag and the recent flag of New England.
There are nine stars because New Hampshire was the ninth addition to the United States. The blue background with the circle of stars, strongly suggesting the national flag, is the dominant part of the design, to represent how New Hampshire was one of the original thirteen states. By representing the Old Man of the Mountain, New Hampshire’s official nickname “The Granite State” is also accounted for, as the Old Man was composed of granite. The colours are all present on the current flag, so any further symbolism they have can be carried over as well.

Construction details


Construction sheet of the proposed flag of New Hampshire

Construction sheet of the proposed flag of New Hampshire

7 thoughts on “Proposed flag of New Hampshire

  1. Decent idea. However I find the nose is too sharp and I more of get a European Union vibe than. I want to be honest and those are the first things I noticed when I saw it.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Bob! I originally had the Betsy Ross flag in mind for the circle of stars, but I can see the resemblance to the European Union as well!

    1. Hi Gavin, I quite like the Hospitality Flag for Mississippi and it is already popular so I won’t come up with a design myself. I have already reached out to its creator.

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