Proposed flag of Mozambique


Part of my 2009 flag proposal series. SVG files of the flag and its construction sheet are available on request.

Note: My choice of design does not reflect my political views.

The current design

Current flag of Mozambique

A problem identified with the current Mozambican flag is that it features an AK-47 (a type of machine gun), which gives the impression that the country is warlike and undemocratic. Also, it was adopted during an era of single-party rule, which is no longer the situation. This has prompted two official contests, however none of the results were deemed satisfactory. Therefore, here is my proposal.

My proposal

Proposed flag of Mozambique I made in 2009.

Proposed flag of Mozambique I made in 2009.

First off, this design is unique enough to be distinguishable, yet simple enough to be remembered by a child.

The individual colours mean:

  • Yellow: The mineral wealth of the country and the sunshine.
  • Blue: The sky and sea.
  • Black: The people, not only those in Mozambique but also in the whole of Africa.
  • Green: The land, agriculture and natural environment.
  • White: Peace and a bright future.
  • Red: The blood that we all share and that has been shed in the past.

The colours are all derived from the current flag, with the addition of blue. This means that any further colour symbolism they have can also be carried over. The blue was added so that the colours of both main political parties are represented. Also, the layout reflects how the land (green) is to the west of the sea (blue), and the sunshine (yellow) comes down onto the people (black).

The sun in general represents warmth, vitality and life. It also represents equality, since the sun shines for everyone, unity, since it is one object, and power, since it contains so much energy. Just like in the coat of arms, it specifically stands for a new beginning for Mozambique; a bright future, positive, optimistic and inevitable. Its ten points represent the ten provinces, with the central circle standing for the capital city (which has provincial status).

The pattern of rays represents hope for peace (white) to every corner of Mozambique. Lastly, the background has four colours in equal amounts, suggesting that despite the differences of the people in the country, they are all equal in terms of votes (democracy) and the law (justice).

Construction details

Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Mozambique

Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Mozambique


Proposed flag of Angola / Proposta de Bandeira de Angola


This design is part of my 2009 flag proposal series (the flag designs from my old site with the most hits and ratings).
Esse design faz parte da minha série de bandeira para 2009 (a bandeira é projetada em meu site antigo com os hits e classificações mais altos).

Note: My choice of design does not reflect my political views.
Nota: Minha escolha de design não reflete minhas opiniões políticas.

The current design / O projeto actual

Current flag of Angola / Atual bandeira de Angola

Critics of the current Angola flag contend that it is too attached to the past (the emblem was intended to echo the Soviet hammer-and-sickle), is stuck in the old era of one-party socialist state and civil war, and gives a bad impression of the country by appearing violent or pessimistic.
Os críticos da atual bandeira de Angola afirmam que ela é muito apegada ao passado (o emblema pretendia ecoar a foice e o martelo soviético), está presa na era antiga do estado socialista e da guerra civil de um partido, e dá uma má impressão do país por parecer violento ou pessimista.

In 2003, the government planned to adopt a more optimistic design to mark the end of the Angolan Civil War, but that proposal was heavily opposed. Critics condemned the proposal as too similar to other countries’ flags (Costa Rica and North Korea), having no relevant meaning, neglecting the country’s history and appearing ugly and primitive (the sun on that design is derived from a crude cave painting). Therefore, here is my proposal.
Em 2003, o governo planejava adotar um design mais otimista para marcar o fim da Guerra Civil Angolana, mas a proposta era fortemente oposta. Os críticos condenaram a proposta como muito semelhante às bandeiras de outros países (Costa Rica e Coréia do Norte), sem significado relevante, negligenciando a história do país e parecendo feia e primitiva (o sol nesse design é derivado de uma pintura de caverna grosseira). Portanto, aqui está a minha proposta.

My proposal / Minha proposta

Proposed flag of Angola I made in 2009.

Proposed flag of Angola/ Proposta de Bandeira de Angola