Proposed flag of Long Beach, California


I am proud to be a finalist for the flag of Long Beach, California! The city council is busy dealing with Covid so the flag project has been put on hold for now. I’ll update this post if there is any news.

Proposed flag of Long Beach, California

First off, this flag is simple enough for a child to remember, yet distinctive enough to be recognised.

This flag is inspired by the colours and layout of the current flag, which establishes familiarity, aids recognition and suggests continuity.

The overall layout represents the geography of Long Beach. The gold represents the sand and sunshine. The white represents the coastline and ports. The blue represents the Pacific Ocean. The people of Long Beach consider these vital to their economy, lifestyle and identity.

The sun in the canton (top left corner) represents the sunny climate of Long Beach and the positive energy of its people. There are sixteen points to suggest a compass, which references the motto “The International City”. Long Beach is the second busiest container port in the U.S. and has links all around the world.

The white section represents the lively vigour of Long Beach. It shines upwards and grows in size, like a beam of light, suggesting dynamism and growth.

This flag should be the official flag of Long Beach because it expresses its sunny, energetic, cosmopolitan vibe in a beautiful way that all residents will be proud to fly.

Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Long Beach, California

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