Proposed flag of Galveston, Texas


I was proud to be a finalist for the official flag of Galveston, Texas! Thanks to everyone who supported and voted for my design.

On Reddit, this design received over 8100 upvotes, nine awards and near unanimous praise from other vexillologists. Locals said it felt like a festive, beach-themed version of the Texan flag – exactly what I was going for. We all want the best for Galveston!

Proposed flag of Galveston, Texas

Here is my proposal for the flag of Galveston, Texas. It is simple enough to be remembered by a child but distinctive enough to be recognised at a distance.

The overall layout represents the geography of Galveston, a diagonal island. The two blue sections represent the ocean and shipping industry as Galveston was one of America’s biggest ports. The two golden stripes represent the beaches that attract many visitors. One shore faces the mainland and the other faces the wider world, representing how the port acts as a gateway to America. The red represents the life and energy of Galveston’s people. The star represents the pride of Galveston as it punches above its weight.

Here is a map of the island of Galveston to understand what I was going for with the layout:

Map of Galveston, Texas showing the diagonal island geography

The flag also references the history of Galveston. Red and gold are borrowed from the naval flag of the Spanish Empire. The diagonal layout is borrowed from the first flag of Mexico. The red, white, blue and star are borrowed from the flags of Texas and America.

Historical flags of Galveston, Texas
Construction sheet of the proposed flag of Galveston, Texas