Welcome to the personal website of Brian Cham

I am a Vexillologist (flag expert): I love how flags can symbolise so much meaning and bring people together.
💪 I’ve been the finalist for some official flags (the latest one is Long Beach, California)
💪 I’ve been a judge for some official flags
💪 I was commissioned to design the flags for the fictional nations in the NeuroSpasta role-playing game
💪 I’m a member of NAVA, the largest flag organisation in the world
💪 I gave a presentation about flag design and the NZ flag referendum at NAVA’s 55th annual conference, winning an Honorable Mention for the Driver Award
🏆 My Earth flag was featured in NAVA’s newsletter
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I am a Cryptographer (code breaker): I love solving puzzles, analysing patterns and breaking secret codes.
💪 At the University of Auckland, I made apps to teach cryptography and steganography to students in a fun way
🏆 Those apps were used as teaching tools in the University of Auckland and the Museum of Transport and Technology
💪 I analyse the Voynich Manuscript, a centuries-old book written in unique symbols that nobody can understand. My work has been cited in academic papers.
🔗 Feel free to read my Voynich Manuscript articles or see my Voynich Ninja profile!

I am a Software Developer: I love the power of software to deliver revolutionary benefits.
💪 I work at Southern Cross, the largest health insurance provider in New Zealand
💪 I used to work at Vista, the multi-national company that makes the software that runs most of the world’s cinemas
🎓 I have two Microsoft Certifications: Azure Fundamentals and Azure Developer Associate
🎓 I have a Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University
🎓 I have a Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Auckland
🏆 My university engineering project was accepted at an international conference, ranked as a top paper and published in the International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
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I am a Cinephile (film lover): I love the power of film to bring us into another world and inspire the human soul.
💪 I have 24 achievement badges and over 1300 reviews on my IMDb profile
🎓 I have a Degree in Film, Television and Media Studies from the University of Auckland
🏆 I was a finalist in an international film competition run by the United Nations
🏆 I got First in Course for FTVMS300 (New Zealand Film) at the University of Auckland
🏆 I got First in Course for FTVMS327 (Comics and Visual Narrative) at the University of Auckland
🏆 I got First in Course for FTVMS212 (Video Game Studies) at the University of Auckland
🏆 I got First in Media Studies 301 and the Best Director award at Massey High School
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I am a Bookworm: I love learning new things and exploring new ideas.
🏆 I am the #1 top book reviewer in New Zealand for All Time on GoodReads
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I am a Designer
💪 I used to do a bit of freelance graphic design on the side
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